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Blessings of Ramadan

Date : Saturday 25th August 2007
Time : 7pm (programme will begin immediately after Asr Salah)
Venue : Faizan E Islam, 229 Ayres Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 9NR

“Blessings of Ramadan”

Inshallah Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi will be delivering a talk in Manchester

This is a free event, separate seating for sisters, all family are invited.

And Hold Tight to the Rope of Allah…

Date: Friday 24th August, 2007
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Venue: Makki Masjid, 125 Beresford Rd, Longsight, Manchester, M13 0TA

And Hold Tight to the Rope of Allah…

An Evening of Remembrance

Imam Tahir Anwar (USA)
Ustadh Abu Eesa Niamatullah (UK)
Imam Zaid Shakir (tbc)
Ustadh Yahya Rhodus (USA)
Imam Dawood Yasin (UAE)
Ustadh Ibrahim Osi-Efa (UK)
Ustadh Usama Canon (USA)

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Defending our Ulema and Community

Muslims in Britain are targets from a variety of sources, including government policy, the media and powerful interest groups such as the Secular, Gay and Zionist lobbies. With all these campaigns targeting and focusing on Muslims, and usually in a very negative and distorted way, an anti-Muslim hatred has been stirred up.
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