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About MMF


MMF has been established in direct response to the alarming rise in hostility towards Islam and Muslims. This hostility can best be described as ‘Islamophobic’ and has taken many forms, but its origin lies in our government’s pursuit of The War on Terror. The consequences for our Muslim community have been grave and following consultation with all the diverse Muslim communities of Manchester, a consistent core of issues have been highlighted:

1. MMF disagree with the rhetoric on ‘extremism’ within Britain’s Muslim Community, giving the false impression that extremism is rife within our communities and labelling the Muslim Community as a ‘fifth column’.

2. The government’s disastrous foreign policy , especially in Afghanistan and Iraq is the single greatest factor creating tensions around the world.

3. Government attempts to interfere in the running of mosques and madrassas is discriminatory and not conducive to community relations.

4. The War on Terror does nothing to advance the debate about ‘Britishness’ or ‘multiculturalism’ at a time when our Government’s own policies have undermined community relations and created a deep cynicism about the political and judicial processes in Britain … (WMD, ‘Dodgy dossier’, Hutton Report, legality of the War in Iraq, etc).

5. The need for honest dialogue and debate has never been greater and some of that responsibility falls on the Muslim Community. However, our government must take seriously the weight of overwhelming opinion within the Muslim Community and reconsider aspects of The War on Terror, especially, the draconian anti-terror measures that do nothing for the security of our country, but, do succeed in destroy our governments stated aims of winning hearts and minds in the pursuit of The War on Terror.

6. The Muslim Community must not be insular, but must be concerned about the wider society and engage positively to bring about a better society within people of all demographics.

MMF is a forum for addressing these crucial issues with a view to challenging current misconceptions. Our activities have been supported by various mosques and organisations including: Madinah Mosque (Levenshulme); Manchester Central Mosque (Victoria Park); Eccles Mosque; Centre for Muslim Affairs; Muslim Association of Britain (MAB); Hizb-ut-Tahrir (Britain) and Islamic Forum Europe (IFE).

To Contribute

MMF solicits the opinions of the Muslims in Manchester regarding thought provoking news items and articles, and is made up of a team of dedicated and concerned activists within the local community.

We are always looking for new contributors and new sources of local news and events, so, if you would like to contribute, by letting us events, or would like to contribute towards articles, or would like further information, contacts us here.


The main facilitators for Manchester Muslim Forum are:

Mohammed Kassim

Views expressed in articles on this website are only of their respective authors and not necessarily of MMF.